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by Laura Beeston. “We need a more marketable CanCon that people want to see, not these one-room dramas in the prairies.” J. Joly is a man who does not mince words. The founder of CineCoup, a filmmaking and marketing incubator, is a national adviser to the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, sits on the […] Read the full article →
by the Hamilton Spectator. Watch trailers from these 9 films:     Do you need a Film Directing Coach? If actors, singers and athletes have private coaches, why not Film Directors? If you would like help to achieve your dreams of being a creative and successful independent film director, please check out my Film Directing Coach […] Read the full article →
by Matt Prigge. With his fifth film “Results,” Andrew Bujalski moves from tiny budgets to slightly bigger ones. It’s a rom-com with production values and name actors, including Cobie Smulders and Guy Pearce as personal trainers and Kevin Corrigan as one of their clients. But it’s anything but normal. In a way, it’s as much […] Read the full article →
by Chris Bumbray. Like a few other of these columns, this one comes with an asterisk. While I applaud for still making action movies well into his sixties, there are things about him now that bug me. For one thing, he’s never seemed too interested in a US career, and he’s phoned-in many of his […] Read the full article →
by Sandy Abrams. The job of most is truly a labor of love, devoted to creating and producing films that very few people ever see. But the industry is finally seeing some push back from indie filmmakers Emily Best and Erica Anderson. They decided to disrupt the current business model by casting themselves in a […] Read the full article →
by Luke Buckmaster. Filmmakers who expect Hollywood’s top end of town to pony up the money for productions with eight or nine digit budgets had best remove that bold artistic ending where nobody saves the day and their hero is crushed like a paper cup. Except if they are . The Australian director’s gut-busting world-gone-wrong […] Read the full article →
by Samantha Highfill. knows what it takes to make a good Western, so it’s not a surprise that he wrote, directed, and starred in his latest film, Wild Horses. Also starring James Franco and Josh Hartnett, Wild Horses tells the story of the Briggs family and the unsolved disappearance that threatens to expose long-kept secrets. Duvall stopped by […] Read the full article →
by Russ Fischer. We’ve been talking a lot about Mad Max: Fury Road for the past couple weeks, and one reason is that it is, as I argued in my review of the film, incredibly precise and clear storytelling from a visual perspective. There is virtually nothing as good as Fury Road in action films […] Read the full article →
by M&G Africa. has kept a toe-hold at the Cannes Film Festival, with a veteran Malian director and the first-ever Ethiopian as the continent’s only entries in the official selection. “I feel very grateful, lucky and proud to represent this part of the world,” said Yared Zeleke, 36, whose movie “Lamb” became the first Ethiopian […] Read the full article →
by Writing Stafff. My motivation as I was writing this column, similar to the mom who “beat” her son for throwing rocks at police cars in Baltimore, does not come from any sort of deep-rooted hatred towards “certain” screenwriters, but rather my deep-rooted LOVE and compassion for screenwriting as an art form. I hope this […] Read the full article →