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by JR Thorpe. Try to name ten . Go on, I’ll wait. If you got Kathryn Bigelow, Ava DuVernay, Sofia Coppola, Mira Nair, and Ana Lily Amirpour, then stopped short with brain freeze, you’re not alone. It’s not that there aren’t any female directors besides those big modern-day names; we’re just rarely taught about the […] Read the full article →
by David Geffin. While there’s never been a sure fire way to win work and sustain a living as a photographer or film maker, and particularly not today given how much change we are seeing, having your own unique vision can help set you apart from the crowd. Young film maker Paul Trillo has shown […] Read the full article →
by Anna Marie de la Fuente. Now that the U.S. and Cuba have confirmed the official opening of their respective embassies this month, interest in Cuba continues to mount, not just among U.S. filmmakers, but also among producers from Latin America and Europe. “Ever since both countries announced the thaw in their relations, more film […] Read the full article →
by Donald Clarke. Anybody who thinks he or she knows about cinema thinks he or she knows about . At the time of his death in 1985 it was fashionable to argue that Welles had lived his life backwards. If the poles had been correctly aligned, Orson would have begun by selling port in cheesy […] Read the full article →
by Philip French. This latest collection of key come from a decade that began with a relaxation of censorship and ended with the brutal clampdown that accompanied the suppression of Solidarity, the independent, non-governmental trade union, in a Gda?sk shipyard and the introduction of martial law in 1981. Each is accompanied by a booklet to […] Read the full article →
by Vanessa Thorpe. The invasion of in Hollywood has now gone beyond a joke for many in the American entertainment industry. First noticed some time in 2011, the trend was initially dismissed as a novelty: an interesting phase that would pass, rather than as a threat. But this summer actors and directors are calling for […] Read the full article →
by Ann Hornaday. It’s a commonly held belief that we’re experiencing a Golden Age of , and that assumption is solidly affirmed by the program of this year’s edition of AFI Docs. The festival, now in its 13th year, will kick off June 17 at the Newseum with a film ideally suited to its audience […] Read the full article →
by David Sheldon-Hicks. David Sheldon-Hicks, who has worked on Guardians of the Galaxy and Ex Machina, examines advances in motion capture and 3D printing. Read the full article from The Guardian. Do you need a Film Directing Coach? If actors, singers and athletes have private coaches, why not Film Directors? If you would like help […] Read the full article →
by Amberly Alene Ellis. After the Cuban revolution of 1959, would become a major component in the socio-political revolution of the Cuban consciousness. Some filmmakers would experience a rise to fame, while the names of other filmmakers were almost forgotten in the public memory. In March, as a graduate MFA candidate in the American University […] Read the full article →
by Nazli Tarzi. Turn the clock back thirty years and imagine Iraq’s bursting theatres and teahouses, its shop-fronts misted in argeela smoke and the tunes of Baghdadi maqam colouring its streets. This energetic cityscape is near impossible to find today in downtown Baghdad, a shadow of its former self. The devastation Iraq has suffered is […] Read the full article →