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Filmmakers Help Section

Need to find a filmmaker to help you with a project? Looking for film work in your city? Need the answer to a film related question?

I have started a new section on this blog called “Filmmakers Help” where indie filmmakers can look for crew, find work in their area or ask film related questions. This is not a forum in the true sense but even better: you get your own private post on this filmmaking blog.

If you are interested, please email me at pdm@actioncutprint.com with your questions or whatever information you require, and I will post them on my blog. NOTE: I reserve the right to edit your submission for length or spelling as well delete any submission I feel is offensive.

You can view all the blog posts here:

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5. Filmmakers Help: Looking for a film maker to help me with a film project in Cape Town, South Africa

6. Filmmakers Help: Is it possible to get Hollywood filmmakers who are willing to assist African filmmakers without getting paid?