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Internet piracy isn’t killing Hollywood. Hollywood is killing Hollywood

by Matt Saccaro.


Hellboy II has great reviews,” my friend argued. He knew I was loath to spend $12 for a movie ticket to spend two hours watching trash. I checked the internet, and he was right. Critics lauded the film. On Rotten Tomatoes, 89 percent of the top critics found the movie favorable. The tacit endorsement of an internet review aggregator was all I needed. My friends and I headed out to the movie theater, bought our tickets and overpriced snack bar fare, and watched the film.

And it sucked.

To borrow from The Simpsons, the film was so formulaic it “could have spewed from the power book of the laziest Hollywood hack.” Hellboy II: The Golden Army had enough lazy tropes and predictable plot twists for the entire 2008 summer season, let alone one movie.

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