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Far From Black and White: Modern Usage of Colourless Filmmaking

by Talia C.

A director faces a plethora of choices when he or she sets out to make a movie. In this age of advanced modern technology, it is often assumed that one decision no longer needs to be made: whether to film in black and white, or in colour. Colour can add richness and brilliance to a film; try and imagine the Emerald City or the Yellow Brick Road from the famous The Wizard of Oz in black and white.

The vast majority of films released these days are presented in colour, yet every year, a few black and white gems still make their appearances. This year, the Best Picture Academy Award nominee Nebraska comes to mind, along with last year’s Toronto International Film Festival favourite Frances Ha. There are a few reasons why a director may choose this form in which to present his or her art, a few of which will be explored here.

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