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VIDEO: Walter Murch Talks Editing with Jon Favreau

by Vadim Rizov.

“Cutting is not just something that we have to do because of the discontinuous nature of the way we shoot films,” Walter Murchmuses in this clip from a recent conversation with Iron Man/Chef director Jon Favreau. “We actually, both as filmmakers and as audiences, like these sudden juxtapositions of concepts.” Editing, of course, is Murch’s beat — his livelihood and the subject of multiple books he’s both written and been interviewed for.

A little overlap with past comments is to be expected, and his thoughts about understanding editing as what happens when you blink and your eye moves from one thing to another have been voiced in almost exactly the same words in (at the very least) this 2012 conversation with Josh Melnick.

Watch this video from Filmmaker Magazine.

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