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10 More Tips on How to Work and Survive in the Film & TV Business

Here are 10 more quick tips to help you better understand how to work and survive in the film and television business today:

11. you need to always ask questions

12. as a Director, you have a lot of power – don’t abuse it

13. you have to EARN respect – not demand it

14. if you are wrong, be strong (admit your mistake)

15. you need to have an EGO because ego is important for your survival. But misplaced ego (what I call self-importance) is what makes this business hard sometimes (Insecurity + self-importance = people we hate to work with)

16. you need to be respectful, courteous, fair and strong

17. you need to have a sense of humour! (learn to laugh at yourself)

18. it’s only a movie (no one gets hurt)

19. it’s only a movie (not a cure for cancer)

20. but most of all, you have to have PASSION! (because some days that may be the only thing that will keep you going)

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