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How to kill your film dead Part 2: Top 5 DIY Filmmaking Mistakes You Might Be Making

by Chris Jones.


A week or two back, Filmmaker Jordan Clarke shared some of his personal nightmares on his own film regarding chain of title and how it nearly killed the production dead – you can read that post here. I asked hi to expand into a bullet list and here it is… Top 5 DIY Filmmaking Mistakes You Might Be Making

We all know that you can’t have your main character wearing an Adidas tracksuit.  We’ve been taught that we must secure the script, actors and music licenses before we can exhibit our film.  Unfortunately, CHAIN OF TITLE runs much deeper than that if a filmmaker ever hopes to have their film distributed or broadcast.

I’ve outlined the top 5 mistakes that I see almost every DIY filmmaker make.  To keep the list short, I will assume you are making your feature film under a limited company with production insurance  to protect yourself, the cast, the crew, equipment and footage.  You are doing that right?  Or did I just turn this ‘Top 5? into a ‘Top 7??

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