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French filmmaker Luc Besson predicts the future

by Lucas Shaw.


The director, whose latest film Lucy opened in the US last week, thinks greed will end human civilisation.

Days before the release of what could be the biggest hit of his career, Luc Besson is predicting the end of the human race.

“Life on the surface of the earth has disappeared seven times in history of the Earth,” Besson told TheWrap. “Then life is back and this starts again for a couple of million years. It’s not like it can’t happen or it won’t happen. It’s happened before.”

To what do we owe our own destruction? Greed, an unexpected gripe considering its source – the most prominent filmmaker in France, co-founder of a movie studio and owner of a countryside mansion (among other properties). Besson has written and produced dozens of movies, launching the careers of Natalie Portman (Leon: The Professional) and Milla Jovovich (below, The Fifth Element).

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