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Amazing older directors refuse to retire, keep making movies

from The Charlotte Observer.


Visiting a retired Frank Capra at his Sierra Nevada hideaway, Clint Eastwood was baffled.

“I always thought: He could be making a film right now. He’s as lucid as could be. Here’s the great Frank Capra not doing it,’ ” Eastwood recalled of the director, who died in 1991 at 94, three decades after his last film. “I always thought, ‘I wonder why that is?’ ”

Eastwood, who at 84 released the musical “Jersey Boys” and wrapped shooting on the Navy SEAL drama “American Sniper,” isn’t the only filmmaker blowing past conventional retirement age.

Woody Allen, 78, released his latest, the French Riviera romantic comedy “Magic in the Moonlight.” He’s also already on to the next one, shooting in Rhode Island this summer.

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