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3 Reasons a Distributor Will Pass on Your Film

by Oakley Anderson-Moore.


You busted your butt to make a damned good film. Now what? If you’re hoping somebody like Magnolia Pictures will swoop in and give you a distribution deal after you send them a DVD, you might be sorely disappointed when they turn you down. If only you had gone to the SXSW Panel After the Wrap: Finding the Right Distribution Partner, maybe things would go differently! Luckily, No Film School attended for you, and below are the three most salient points that might maximize your chances of getting picked up.

This SXSW Panel featured big names in the independent distribution world: Dori Begley of Magnolia Pictures, Arianna Bocco of IFC FIlms, Elizabeth Sheldon of Kino Lorber, and Josh Braun of Submarine. They all know each other and have worked together on the distribution of many films with different strategies.

The four noted that the landscape of film has changed: it’s flooded with content, and it’s harder for audiences to navigate available films. Today, that’s a big part of a distributors job. Films they’ve taken on have had theatrical runs, Day and Date, exclusive pre-theatrical VOD windows, community screenings with TV broadcast, you name it. Depending on the film, the overall philosophy is to find the best way to get the most amount of people to see you film.

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