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Insider Insights On Indy Filmmaking: Be Flexible, Be Creative With Production

by Hannah Means Shannon.


In this article I want to address the importance and necessity of being flexible while in production. At first, this may seem to contradict the “be decisive” theme of the previous article, but there are time when the two attributes work hand in hand. The flexibility allows you to consider a broader range of options when complications arise and the decisiveness allows you to choose one quickly. Kind of like being a producing ninja…

The reason that flexibility needs to be embraced is the compromising nature of indy filmmaking. As a producer or director, you’ll often know exactly what you want, but “wanting”and “getting” are often worlds apart. You’ll experience this every step of the way, in virtually every department and decision. Casting, locations, FX, equipment, post and crew are all areas where flexibility will be required to bridge the gap between the vision and reality.

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