Filmmaking More Than a Game of Survival

by Peter D. Marshall

by Terry Green.


Filmmaking is hard. Financing films is hard. Getting a foothold in the film industry is hard. Being an indie filmmaker in today’s world requires imagination, planning, endurance, taking risks and constantly putting yourself on the line. While many things, filmmaking needn’t be a game of survival. Those who take action and get past the limitations imposed on them by the status quo make film careers. Such a career is yours for the taking if you really want it, but you must get beyond the idea that it’s impossible unless you follow a certain set of rules.

I subscribe to every major independent film website and news feed and few, if any, are teaching filmmakers how to finance movies. There are no instructions being given to filmmakers on how to incorporate their production entities and how to create limited liability companies that allow them to solicit investments in their films.

Most significantly, I’m aware of no website or individual that offers filmmakers information on how to properly approach investors and secure film investments. A few claim that for a fee they can find investors for you, but I know of no one in recent years who is freely teaching filmmakers how to do this for themselves. In an economy where investment dollars are flowing, there is absolutely no excuse for not teaching filmmakers how to access investors.

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