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Christopher Nolan sees artists devalued with the digitization of films

by Sean Wist.


The era of digital film-making brought with it a whole new realm of possibility. This allowed filmmakers to watch what they’ve shot immediately, rather than having to wait for film to be developed. Digital projection in theaters also ensures that whether you see a movie on its first day or last, you can expect pristine quality (depending on the projector, of course). Despite these advancements, there are film purists that feel this may have a negative impact in the long run, especially as far as the future of cinema is concerned. One such film enthusiast is Christopher Nolan, who has been very vocal about this topic.

Aside from the gimmicky post-conversion use of 3D, Nolan feels that reducing a film to a “file” is much like turning a record into an mp3; where ease of use and accessibility will limit films in theaters to those that score those big opening weekend, and not the ones that usually strive on word of mouth. Here’s what Christopher Nolan had to say on the subject.

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