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3D Or Not 3D: The Divisive Nature of 3D Filmmaking

by Talia C.


The use of 3D technology in filmmaking is a notoriously divisive topic among fans of cinema. Some love the technique, and others loathe it, but few lack a strong opinion. Late film critic Roger Ebert became infamous in his dislike of 3D, often including footnotes at the ends of his reviews suggesting to readers that they ignore the masses and view films that he enjoyed in traditional 2D instead. Indeed, Ebert went so far as to release a list detailing why he hates the technique, including points such as, “It’s the waste of a dimension,” “It adds nothing to the experience,” “It can be a distraction,” and “It can create nausea and headaches.”

Always the champion of the average filmgoer, he also voiced complaints in regards to the extra surcharge added onto the tickets of 3D films. Although Ebert was not a fan of this medium, many individuals are, as evidenced by the massive success of many 3D blockbusters. Personally, I believe that the use of 3D has become overly excessive as of late, yet can result in a unique film going experience when administered correctly and with the appropriate amount of restraint within a very particular type of movie.

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