Break the Rules: Unconventional Directing Advice, inspired by Wim Wenders

by Peter D. Marshall

by Matt Howsam.


It seems like anything goes in filmmaking today.  Anyone can pick up a camera, form a cast and crew, find a location, shoot, edit and distribute (yippee for us film lovers).  Yet, there are still accepted rules.  Rules that you must not break.  For instance, it is common practise to shoot out of continuity because it is cost effective.  Right?  Well, here is the only crucial rule for directing: make a film that engages an audience emotionally and work under conditions that will create a productive yet relaxed atmosphere for your cast and crew.  That’s it.

So why do we still follow the others rules?  Because we have accepted them and fear to break them.  Why though?  We are filmmakers, we crave a challenge.  Filmmaking should be a liberating and different experience each time.  Even though you are a real auteur with a distinctive style and you collaborate with the same people, if you do not adapt as a filmmaker and try new things then why are you making films?  We want to explore and show the world to an audience in various, exciting ways: make them cry, make them laugh, make them think, make them glued to the screen.  Isn’t that why we tell stories?

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