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10 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Filmmakers

by Kristin McCracken.


Last week, Seed&Spark introduced the updated Social Media Handbook 2.0  and focused on 10 Tips For Crowdfunding Filmmakers. By now, maybe you’ve diligently printed out the PDF, worked your way through the “Initiate” section, and thought carefully about which platforms to focus on. You’ve chosen consistent handles, uploaded profile pics and cover photos that reflect your key art, etc.

So now what? What exactly do you talk about every day? Maintaining social media platforms for your film is not entirely different from running your own personal account. The key difference is in your goal-setting. You may use your personal Facebook page to make the hometown Mean Girls jealous of your oh-so-glamorous filmmaker life. But in networking your film, you are aiming to build an audience that will invest in you, either with their wallets or their own social capital. So make people want to come along for the ride.

How, exactly, do you do that? Certain tenets translate.

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