Very, Very Independent Filmmaking – Getting on With It…

by Peter D. Marshall

by Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros.


I am suddenly very, very busy. Which is good, it’s good busy. Although it also means that I have to prioritize, something I am appalling at, quite frankly.

But being busy means that I am being productive, and in my world of filmmaking, productive means film!

This weekend I will be filming a short, with a couple of chums. Something I did not write, nor am I directing. This time around I am taking part as the cinematographer, which makes such a pleasant change I just might do it again! As long as I don’t embarrass myself that is.

But really, this is one of my favorite parts of filmmaking for me, the taking part part.…while hopefully, and skillfully, avoiding the embarrassing myself part. Although that is usually achieved more by luck than skill.

Filmmaking is such a completely collaborative art that we must expect to be fluid in our participating roles. Sometimes writer, sometimes director, sometimes producer or DP. It’s all part of the fun, trying on new hats.

Its also a brilliant way of learning another vital part of the filmmaking process, all roles being, by the nature of filmmaking, absolutely vital.

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