It’s Easy Being Green for Film Crews

by Peter D. Marshall

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“Film shoots leave a lot in their wake. Feelings of accomplishment, relief, and nervousness about post-production are all common. But there’s something else that’s not remarked upon as much, and that’s a ravaged surrounding environment. Diesel generators powered all day to provide electricity, a veritable army of craftsmen and technicians guzzling from small, throwaway plastic water bottles, and huge amounts of leftover waste in everything from paper and construction materials to chemically-produced film stock – these are just a few of the things that make feature filmmaking a particularly egregious environmental offender. Comments executive producer Mari-Jo Winkler, “We are probably one of the most wasteful businesses – we set things up and then break them down and throw them away. But due to our current climate crisis, it is a necessity now more than ever for the film industry to change the way we work by keeping the environment in mind.” Read rest of article here.

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