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Girls on Film: 10 lesbian filmmakers you should know about




WorldPride kicks off today in Toronto, and with rainbows flying and attention turning toward queer diversity, this is the perfect time to look at the long history of important contributions lesbian filmmakers have made to cinema. From well-known names to all-but-forgotten talent, these filmmakers have had an indelible impact on cinema. They are leading examples of the benefits of diversity, and their treatments of theme, scope, and identity challenge the repetitive confines of modern filmmaking.

The list that follows is by no means comprehensive. There are many “one-hit wonders”: Great talents who have yet to direct follow-up films (including Alice Wu, who helmed Saving Face, and Jennie Livingston, who scored a documentary hit with Paris Is Burning). Others are more prolific, but harder to access. Monika Treut’s work is hard to find (though Amazon Prime members can stream Female Misbehavior), and Barbara Hammer’s is almost impossible to view unless you buy it sight-unseen from her website.

Nevertheless, below are 10 excellent and essential lesbian directors and game-changers:

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