Cinematographer Siddharth Diwan’s 10 tips for Indie filmmakers

by Peter D. Marshall

from Dear Cinema.


DearCinema organized IndieTalk with emerging cinematographer Siddharth Diwan on June 14 in Mumbai. Among others, the session was attended by three directors with whom Siddharth has collaborated- Kanu Behl (Titli), Vasan Bala (Peddlers) and Shlok Sharma (Haramkhor).

This is what we learnt at the session with Siddharth. Please note that these are not exactly Siddharth’s words but our understanding of what he said.

What’s the right format for your film?

Filmmakers now have a plethora of choices available to shoot their films. So, the first question a cinematographer/filmmaker has to deal with is – what’s the right format for the film? Format is dictated by various factors such as the look, style of shooting, lighting and most importantly, budget.

Camera and its entire workflow needs to be thoroughly tested

Once you narrow down your choices, the next step is to test the camera thoroughly. Camera should be tested in the conditions which the film demands. If you plan to shoot mostly handheld, test it in similar conditions. Keep in mind the lighting conditions, your style of shooting – if it involves following a constantly moving character. Certain cameras might be good for something but might not work in different situations. So go with what works for your film.

If you’re planning to shoot digitally, go through the entire workflow of the camera.

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