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Francis Ford Coppola Predicts ‘Live Cinema’ at Produced By Conference

by Steve Chagollan.


The prevailing wisdom might be that Francis Ford Coppola peaked as a filmmaker with “Apocalypse Now,” but he was undoubtedly the star attraction on Sunday at the PGA’s sixth annual Produced By Conference. The 75-year-old writer-director-producer held court in a packed Steven J. Ross Theater on the Warner Bros. lot, waxing nostalgic about the early days of Zoetrope in 1969-70 as well as the Hollywood of today, which he feels harbors an embarrassment of riches.

But those riches, he says, are mostly confined to the voices of filmmakers who take a more personal approach to the medium — the David O. Russells, the Alexander Paynes, the Wes Andersons and, yes, the Sofia Coppolas of the world, versus what he called the makers of “industrial films,” or franchise tentpoles, largely being shepherded by the major studios.

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