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3 Producers On The Challenges of Short Filmmaking (and How They Overcame Them)

by Scott Beggs.


Cadillac and the Producers Guild of America recently launched Make Your Mark, a short film competition that challenges producers to create compelling content with limited resources. Contestants will make a short film over a single weekend in late June, and the 30-second Cadillac spot featuring the grand prize winner’s film will air during the 2015 Academy Awards.

Your eyes are bright, your heart is full, and your optimism is high. You want to attempt to join the ranks of those creators who’ve gain notice by crafting a sensational short film. Maybe you’ve got a thousand ideas swarming your mind, or maybe you’re quietly panicking while waiting for inspiration to strike. Maybe you’ve got the camera but no crew, or the crew but no camera. Maybe your credit card is going to ache in the morning.

No matter what situation you’re in, making your short film is going to have challenges — both technical and creative — and it always helps to hear from those who have come before you.

Here are three producers who have all crafted uniquely excellent short films describing the biggest filmmaking problem they faced and the way they faced it.

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