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Creating My Film Footprint: The Importance of Women on Both Sides of the Camera

by Sylvia Caminer.


As far back as I can remember, I have always had a deep passion for movies, which probably derives from my fascination with the human character. The ability that film offers to travel with a character and learn in roughly two hours what might take a lifetime has always been intoxicating to me. It is this quest to dig into the fabric of humanity and share what I discover that has propelled me forward.

Growing up, there were a couple of reasons why I never dreamed I could work in this industry, not least of which was that all the directors I admired as a kid were men. I also perceived directing as an inherited position and believed that the only way in was to be born into filmmaking royalty. Filmmaking thus felt completely elusive, and it wasn’t until I took time off from college (where I was studying biochemistry) to travel the world that I decided storytelling was something I had to pursue.

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