10 Most Shamefully Lazy Plot Resolutions In Movie History

by Peter D. Marshall

by Travis Earl.


Using the medium of film to tell a story is no easy task. For a story to work it requires a well-constructed plot, one that not only shows the audience how events in the story relate to one another but does so in an entertaining fashion. If a plot fails to hold an audience’s interest while connecting all the dots, a filmmaker risks alienating the viewers or pulling them out of the story.

But constructing a logical plot is easier said than done: unlike other story telling mediums, filmmaking is a highly collaborative art. A director has to corral set designers, cinematographers, actors, FX specialists and scriptwriters like a ringmaster in a circus while keeping everything on budget and on schedule. On top of this, he or she has to make what appears onscreen seem effortless and fully realized. With so many things juggling in the air at once, it’s understandable if a filmmaker occasionally drops the ball and lets the odd plot hole through in the interest of getting the entire story onscreen.

Other times filmmakers really half-arse it. This typically happens near the climax when the story needs to be wrapped up. Sometimes you can almost see the filmmakers shrug and mutter “whatever” as they serve up an undercooked finale. A half-cooked plot resolution may be a deal breaker and other times a stumble at the finish line is forgivable because what came before it was so enjoyable. For your consideration, we have assembled a list of ten of the most half-baked movie resolutions of all time…

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