Independent Filmmaking – Learn all you can from Difficult Shoots

by Peter D. Marshall

by Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros.


I have had some tough, tough days on set.

For lot’s of different reasons.

But most of the time there are three major reasons why a tricky shoot can become an uphill battle, start to finish.

1 Being unprepared.

Or, more honestly, thinking you are prepared because you think you know what you are doing, or have done it a million times before so what could go wrong, or leaving everything till the last minute because that worked so well last time, or just being an idiot.

You can never, ever, ever be over prepared. I have mocked those who spend hours on shot lists and call sheets and lock locations ten times, or call actors in the morning to wake them up or label everything, color coding with electrical tape, or have twice as much tape/SD cards as needed, and I have been humbled by their attention to detail and how that made everything else run smoothly and effortlessly because we were prepared…Think of it as a rehearsal…for every department.

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