Independent Filmmaking – No Limits for Filmmakers

by Peter D. Marshall

by Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros.


Making a film should be, in my humble opinion at least, as daring and as bold and as seemingly impossible as trying to catch lightning in a bottle. And when done right, the results are just as beautiful as what I would imagine lightning would look like, captured and bottled.

But as difficult as that might seem, and I am no physicist…I’m pretty sure catching lightening is actually impossible. What I am really reaching for is the concept of setting your expectations really, really high and to not be afraid of that.

Why bother making something at all if it doesn’t scare the pants off you a bit!

If you have something buzzing around in your head, something that keeps you up at night, and haunts your dreams when you do eventually drop off, then that is exactly what is worth all your time and effort.

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