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Low-budget films rely on shortcuts

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In a quiet hillside home in Topanga Canyon, filmmaker Brian McGuire instructed his cast members to take their shirts off, put their sunglasses on, snort fake cocaine and “party hard.”

The 20-person cast and crew were filming a party scene for McGuire’s low-budget production in a “borrowed” home. Permission wasn’t a problem — a friend of McGuire’s who had helped decorate the house knew where the key was.

“We didn’t even think we were trespassing, really,” McGuire said of the home, which was on the market. “We figured we’d just shoot here on a weekend when we didn’t think anyone was coming.”

By the third and final day of shooting the scene for the film, a dark comedy called “Prevertere,” the party was going really well — no damage, decent footage. Then McGuire and crew had an unexpected guest.

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