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Filmmakers: Debunking The Myth of the Social Media Guru

by John T. Trigonis.

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So, you wanna hire a social media guru for your crowdfunding campaign, eh?

Ask yourself this: what expectations do you have?

Most folks would anticipate that this “social media guru” will be the one doing most of, if not all, of the work involved in spreading the word about their campaign, resulting in funding streaming in from Twitter and Facebook faster than you can count it.

And occasionally this is the case, though not as often as we’d like to think…

The bigger question, though, is whether or not you’ll keep your social media guru on the payroll through not only the duration of your campaign, but over the online lifespan of your finished film. Tweets gotta keep Tweeting. Facebook updates don’t post themselves. And eventually Google Plus will grow into something more than a way to make email seem cool.

Building buzz is one thing, but once it’s built up, it requires maintenance for the long haul ahead.

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