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8 Lessons Thelma Schoonmaker (Raging Bull) Taught us at TIFF 2014

by Zachary Wigon.


Thelma Schoonmaker on the craft of filmmaking via one of her unquestioned masterpieces, ‘Raging Bull.’

None other than the great Thelma Schoonmaker was on hand at the SVA Theater this afternoon, providing a packed Tribeca house with a master class in film editing (and, more broadly, filmmaking) by drawing upon lessons from Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro’s seminal masterpiece, Raging Bull.

Schoonmaker, of course, is Scorsese’s longtime editor – she noted that she’s been collaborating with him for half a century. Over the course of an hour-plus talk, Schoonmaker – with the aid of various clips from the film, some shown at regular speed, some slowed down – engaged in a detailed analysis of the picture that provided insight into her and Scorsese’s working methods. Below are eight key craft-related takeaways from her talk, and the Raging Bull-specific stories behind them.

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