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It’s Time We All Think Outside of the Gender Box

by Leah Morrigan.


Last fall, I attended SkyWorks’ Real Change Boys Film-making Project to watch a collection of short documentaries by young men between the ages of 14 and 21. Each film depicted issues around gender and masculinity: identity, stereotypes, expectations, and the images of boys and men in media and popular culture.

One film in particular stood out for me: Boxed In by Brandyn Pereira. In the eight-minute film, Brandyn describes his realization of the limitations in media’s stereotypical portrayal of men and boys and how these images affect boys’ self-esteem.

“I was watching TV the other day and I realized that almost every guy on TV liked beer and sports; they were the family man or the hero of the situation,” Brandyn explains in the opening shots, “Boys always liked video games, sports, and they rarely showed any emotion with their friends.

“I’m wondering why the media depicts young men or boys like that?”

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