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The Cinematography of “The Incredibles” Part 1


Here is Part 1 of 3 on a case study of the shot compositions from Pixar’s film “The Incredibles, I’ll go over how the relationships of all the visual elements on screen were meticulously crafted to form a point focus in every shot.

It is through the arrangement and control of all the elements on screen that the filmmakers were able to guide the sight, thoughts and emotions of the audience. 

Cinematography in film is an art form all by itself.

It involves three main factors:
Placement of people and objects within the frame.
Movement of people and objects within a fixed frame.

Movement of the frame itself.

Few filmmakers have ever used composition to its full potential. The concept of the ever-changing image can be very difficult to execute because it involves the simultaneous control of all these three main factors of cinematography. The filmmaker, unlike the photographer and the theatre director, creates his visual compositions in a flexible, ever changing arena.

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