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5 Lessons On Filmmaking – Advice for Filmmakers from Someone who Ran a Festival.


A while ago, I wrote a piece about the 10 key lessons I had learned as a filmmaker. Point seven was this:

Festivals are massively important and also highly irrelevant at the same time.

I then went onto explain the reasons for this oxymoron. And of course, part of that was informed from being on both sides of the film festival universe.

You see, from 2008, through till 2013, working with some incredible people, we headed up the Bootleg Film Festival?—?a traveling event that played at a variety of cities on both sides of the Atlantic. I retired the festival after it’s last showing in NYC (that announcement is here), but for five years, along with an incredible team, we hustled hard.

During that time, we programmed hundreds of films from the many, many thousands of submissions we received. They truly ran the gamut from bad to the truly inspiring, to total brilliance. Through that period, I learned an awful lot about filmmaking as an art and a business, and these are the key things I discovered.

Read the rest of this article from Project Bootleg.

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