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Insider Insights On Indie Filmmaking Part 5: Pre-Production And The Director

by Chris Hood.


(This is Part Five of an ongoing series to help educate aspiring filmmaker on the process of making their first film. Previous articles in this series can be found at BleedingCool.com and MovieIndustry.com)

So now you’ve used my easy steps in the last four parts of this series and have a big bag full of money (or illegal substances you can sell to get the money…wait, that was my other article) with which to make your movie. Cool. Good for you. Now let’s get to work.

Pre-production is everything that needs to be done up to the moment when the camera rolls for the first time. This is the planning part of the project and planning is everything. Although you can make or break the entire movie during this time, at the very least, what you do during these weeks or months will set the stage for how smoothly things go for you. And whom you hire will be the most significant set of decisions you can make. Obviously, this applies to both cast and crew, so let’s start with the big cheese – the director.

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