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‘Gravity’s’ Emmanuel Lubezki on the New World of Filmmaking – ‘Same Job, Different Tools’

by Steve Pond.

NAB: 'Gravity's' Emmanuel Lubezki on the New World of Filmmaking – 'Same Job, Different Tools'

“The danger now is that a director could choose not to have a cinematographer,” the Oscar-winner tells TheWrap

Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki made his name shooting on film and helping create the look of movies like “A Little Princess,” “Sleepy Hollow” and “The Tree of Life,” all of which won him Oscar nominations.

But his collaboration with director Alfonso Cuaron on “Gravity” has put Lubezki – or “Chivo,” as everyone calls him – in the forefront of the new style of digital filmmaking, in which cinematographers don’t light a physical set so much as they help design virtual spaces that as often as not don’t ever have an actual camera pointed at them.

A month after winning the Oscar (his first after six nominations) for “Gravity,” Lubezki spoke to an audience at the NAB conference this week about this new style of filmmaking. Afterwards, he talked to TheWrap about the threat of cinematographer-less movies, how he would have preferred to shoot “Gravity” in space and whether his new films might be bound for Cannes.

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