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Find out why reading scripts is a large part of a film producer’s job.

This article is written by Jane Kosek from her blog, All About Indie Filmmaking.

“Reading scripts is a large part of my job as a producer. It’s always a joy to come across a really well written script that speaks to my sensibility as a storyteller. It’s rare but when it happens, I realize again why I decided to be a filmmaker. Good stories make me feel happy, excited, and positive. Who doesn’t want to feel that way all the time?

You don’t have to be a master screenwriter or top director or producer to know you are reading a good script. A good script should be a page turner. You should feel compelled to want to keep reading more when you reach the end of a page. As you are reading the script, actual scenes should start playing out in your head. You are seeing the film, not just reading it. If this happens, it is a strong clue you are reading something that is well written.” Read rest of article here.

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