Documentary filmmaker explores the new visual language of virtual reality

by Peter D. Marshall

by Stephen Kleckner.

Documentary filmmaker explores the new visual language of virtual reality

When we get our first box of crayons in preschool, the primary rule that the teachers drill into us is to draw within the lines of a flat piece of paper. Our imaginations may be infinite, but our two-dimensional representation of it has a limit that ends at the four borders of a rectangle.

As the Oculus Rift and virtual-reality technology matures, artists whose traditional craft requires respect for the frame are going to find themselves in a new world that expands far beyond the edge of the 2D canvas.

It’s alluring to see this 360-degree medium as limitless, but this borderless world is not as free of structure as it first appears. Artists face a new set of rules to play by if they intend on creating an intentional, visual, virtual-reality composition. The people working with the virtual-reality crayon box are scribbling away, using techniques from film and gaming to try to unlock what practices are considered pleasant or harsh when directing an audience that’s wearing a set of goggles or a helmet on their heads.

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