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“Memory Lane” – A Lesson In Sustainable Indie Filmmaking On No Budget

by Shawn Holmes.

After dropping out of film school, I wrote, directed, and produced a critically-acclaimed feature film with a budget of less than $300. Then I secured international distribution. IndieNYC asked me to tell you how:

Two years after enrolling, I heard David Mamet say “stay out of school”. If you’re familiar with Mamet, you understand why I listened to him and dropped out.  I couldn’t bring myself to reconcile the cost of a degree in film with its actual value. It felt comparable to Alicia Keys getting a degree in music. To achieve the position she wants, the only question that matters in the beginning is “can she sing?”  I would argue that later questions would be answered more thoroughly for her through work experience than a music degree. And I’ve begun to find that this is holding true, for me, in film.

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