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A Conversation With Kurt Norton About Film Preservation, Production, and Funding In the Digital Age

by John Wedemeyer.


Film is an art form based in technology and as technology changes, so does the art.  Looking back at the 20th century, one can chart the progress of science and industry by looking at the films of the time.  In recent years, the advent of digital cinema cameras forever changed the way films are made, while the internet has changed the way they are distributed, and now funded.  Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have become popular resources for the funding of independent films.

One film looking to Kickstarter is Being George Clooney, the latest documentary from Paul Mariano, who directed These Amazing Shadows with Kurt Norton, who is producing this latest film.  I was able to speak with Kurt about his experience making films in the digital age, both as the director of These Amazing Shadows, and producer of Being George Clooney.

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