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The Greatest Wes Anderson Scenes

by Liam Hoofe.

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson has one of the most recognisable approaches to film making in cinema. His asymmetrical visual style, zany characters and bizarre stories have made him something of a cult icon. With a loyal fanbase behind him Anderson has gone out to create some of the most unique and entertaining movies of the 21st centuries.

Fans of his work vociferously proclaim its genius- whilst all of Anderson’s movie take place in the real world, everything feels ever so slightly detached- Anderson’s quirky approach is admired by many but to his critics it is seen as self indulgent and irksome.

Over the years he has provided us with some wonderful scenes and here, to coincide with the release of his latest movie- The Grand Budapest Hotel, which hits cinemas this month we are going to take a look back at six of his finest moments. You can see our round up of his greatest characters here.

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