Independent Filmmaking – More of what not to do!

by Peter D. Marshall

by Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros.


Since there are rather a lot of mistakes to make, and while I feel from time to time that I have made more of them than most humans on this earth, I thought I would continue along the oddly popular theme of my failures, just for a little while longer…

So let us see what other mishaps and disasters I have unique and invaluable experience in and go from there shall we!

My number one mistake made while making a film, or doing anything else for that matter is:

trying to not make a mistake….

Yes, you read me right!

Making mistakes is how we learn, whether we are toddlers taking our first steps or filmmakers making our first film…it all good!

If you are in too much of a panic and so worried that you will do the wrong thing or make the wrong choices you will undoubtably make even more mistakes than you would without all the stress. But you will make mistakes, everyone does.

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