Filmmaking as a form of art

by Peter D. Marshall

by Selma Roth.

She would love to work with American actor Sean Penn or British film director Steve McQueen, who claimed this year’s Best Picture Oscar for “12 Years a Slave,” although her films have little to do with the glitter and glamor industry in the States. “Filmmaking is always associated with Hollywood and entertainment. People need to see it is an art form,” is her opinion about her profession.

Saudi filmmaker and actress Ahd Kamel and the “21,39 Jeddah Arts” initiative to celebrate and teach the public about arts joined hands at Jeddah’s Gold Moor — home to two “21,39” group exhibitions — as part of these efforts to increase people’s knowledge on different art forms. The result was a remarkable conversation between Kamel and Saudi Gazette reporter Roberta Fedele about Kamel’s personal life, the Saudi film scene, and social issues in the Kingdom.

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