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The centre of Gravity: Behind the scenes with Framestore on making the Oscar winner

from The Drum.

Visual effects company Framestore has been very, well, visible in the past year, from its animated native advertising work for McLaren to its celebrated Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer. It has been its award winning work on cinematic tour de force Gravity, however, that has attracted the most attention, and it’s little wonder. Here we discover some of the secrets behind the groundbreaking space movie shot in Soho.

“I first heard about Gravity at the beginning of 2010,” says visual effects supervisor Tim Webber of Alfonso Cuarón’s Bafta-winning and Oscar nominated space thriller. Webber is a long-time collaborator of Cuarón’s and the man the Mexican director turned to for help realising the film no one knew how to make.

Four years ago it was unclear how much Webber and London-based VFX company Framestore would need to be involved, but after meeting Cuarón and hearing his vision for the film Webber signed up immediately. “It was gripping,” he explains, adding that they “all came out really excited having heard it”.

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