In Memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman: 6 Valuable Lessons

by Peter D. Marshall

by Shannon Hemmings.


Think back to the first time you saw Philip Seymour Hoffman act and let it sink in for a moment. I first saw him in Mission Impossible III in 2006 and I will never forget holding my breath as he counted to 10 letting Ethan Hunt know that he would murder his girlfriend if he didn’t get what he wanted. I was mesmerized; how could such an evil and cruel character instantly become my favorite in the film?

The answer: the brilliant and versatile artist that was Philip Seymour Hoffman. While he sadly passed away due to an apparent drug overdose yesterday, the 2nd of February, at the age of 46, I tried to find the silver lining as a devoted fan and an aspiring actress. Here are 6 things I believe aspiring actors can learn from the late Philip Seymour Hoffman:

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