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Director McG Shares 6 Golden Rules of Filmmaking

by V Renée.

Terminator Salvation
Director McG (3 Days to Kill) has lent his filmmaking talents to virtually ever major area in entertainment media. He has helmed high grossing films like Charlie’s Angels, produced wildly popular TV shows like Chuck, and made music videos for some of the biggest names in music.

If you’re asking yourself how he does it, this article from MovieMaker Magazine might help to explain. Pulling from his nearly 20 years of filmmaking experience, McG has shared six “golden rules of moviemaking“. Check them out after the jump.

McG might not be the name you think of when it comes to independent filmmaking, but his advice can help anyone in need of some direction regardless of the size of their production. Here are a few of his golden rules from MovieMaker Magazine.

Read the rest of this article from No Film School.

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