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Minecraft, The Sims, And The Future Of Filmmaking

by Hugh Hancock.

What does the future hold for movies?

That’s a topic that has eaten more column inches than Scottish Independence, the Kardashians and Bitcoin combined. But whenever I hear it, I can’t help but think that the writer is asking the wrong question.

A better, more illuminating question is “What does the future hold for movie-making?”

Our Gracious Host has written a number of articles explaining how the mechanics of the publishing industry shape the kinds of books that come out of it, from the length of novel that is published to their covers. Film bends in the wind of its production process even more than written fiction. CGI technology opened up entirely new genres to the industry, “video nasties” appeared in the wake of a censorship gap and various distribution and strategy changes led to the rise of the blockbuster.

If you want to predict the shape of the sausage that is film, you’ve got to look at the mincing machine. And right now, there’s something very interesting happening.

People pontificate a lot about computer games rendering film obselete. That’s clearly rubbish. Movies aren’t going to spontaneously turn into games. They’re different experiences. But movie-making might become a game.

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