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Film-maker Xan Cassavetes: There are not a lot of romantic ideas about making movies anymore

by Anthony Gibson.

Xan Cassavetes: Film-making is in my blood
‘There are so many people I know who could be the greatest film-maker but who will never get the chance to make a movie; it’s all about what somebody is going to make back,’ says Alexandra ‘Xan’ Cassavetes. ‘There are not a lot of romantic ideas about making movies anymore. I don’t understand how everything works but I don’t want to, because then it will be real – and my job is to be unrealistic!’

Cassavetes is no stranger to the film world: the daughter of the late actor/director John Cassavetes and actress Gena Rowlands, she grew up in the midst of a film set. John Cassavetes was a pioneer of US independent film-making, using improvisation and cinéma verité and partly financing some of his films, which included A Woman Under The Influence and Husbands.

‘A lot of films were shot in our house. We had to give up our rooms for hair and make-up,’ Cassavetes explains. ‘The memories are really good and familiar and nothing about it was obnoxious or fancy in any way. I think all of us who grew up in that house have really warm memories and associations with making movies like a giant family.’

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