Berlin: John Woo Returns to Filmmaking in a Big Way With ‘The Crossing’

by Peter D. Marshall

by Clifford Coonan.

John Woo Directing - H 2014
With lensing done on The Crossing, John Woo’s return to movies after a four-year break, the legendary Hong Kong director is keen to show he is just as comfortable with a big love story as he is with violent shootouts.

Beijing Galloping Horse, the Chinese studio behind the $40?million feature, dubbed “the Chinese Titanic” by local media, is doing advance sales in Berlin.

The two-part feature, which is based on a true story, is a love story about three couples fleeing China for Taiwan on a steamer during the 1949 revolution. The ship sank after colliding with a freighter, claiming about 1,000 lives. “I’ve wanted to make this movie for a long time, because people always see me as an action director, but they don’t realize that I can make romantic love stories, too,” the Face/Off director tells THR. “I wanted to make a film that showed a turbulent period in modern history, to show how love can survive and overcome all difficulties.”

The film marks his return after a long time off, during which he had surgery to remove a tumor.

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