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Philip Bloom On Balancing Art and Business and The Best Cameras for Low-Budget Filmmaking

by Paula Bernstein.

British filmmaker Philip Bloom is in Miami Beach to lead a three-day master class in “Making the Eco Doc” as part of Filmgate Interactive, the interactive transmedia festival now in its second year that runs from February 1-5.

The small group in the class will be shooting and editing their own narrative eco documentary short in The Everglades. “We have 26 people and we’re going to try to get them to make a film, but they’ll be in teams and collaborate in the shooting aspect and the planning aspect, but then on the edit, they’ll each make their own version of it. It will be an interesting experiment,” said Bloom, who specializing in creating film-like images with low budget video ( most of his work is created with Canon DSLRs).

At breakfast at South Beach’s Betsey Hotel where he is an artist-in-residence this week, Bloom held an informal salon this morning where he discussed the tricky balance between art and business — and, specifically, how he manages to support his love of filmmaking with corporate partnerships.

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