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Small Cinemas Struggle As Film Fades Out Of The Picture

by Laura Sydell.

Cinema owners who don’t have a digital projector in their movie house can’t show Paramount Pictures’ latest release: The Wolf of Wall Street. This year Paramount became the first big studio to distribute a major release in the U.S. entirely in a digital format, and other studios are likely to follow.

Most big theaters around the country are ready for the change, but it may threaten many of the nation’s smaller cinemas which are struggling to raise money for the transition.

‘We Either Had To Convert Or Close The Doors’

Dozens of small cinemas have taken to Kickstarter. The Tampa Pitcher Show has been trying to raise $30,000. It’s got a video up that includes a group of regulars who dress up and perform at screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They’re dancing until the lights go dark. “We’ve got to start showing our movies digitally otherwise we’re not going to be able to show them at all,” one of the performers says.

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